Public Procurement

The Competition and Consumer Authority’s tasks in the public procurement area

An important part of the Authority's work is ensuring a Danish fingerprint on future procurement rules, including ensuring clear rules and flexible procurement processes.

EU’s procurement rules

The Competition and Consumer Authority takes part in the EU cooperation, at both Council and Commission level, including the preparation of new legislation. In addition, the Authority is responsible for implementing EU procurement rules into Danish law.

Nordic cooperation

The Competition and Consumer Authority cooperates with key procurement authorities in the other Nordic countries. A meeting is held every six months, allowing exchange of experiences and discussion of issues and topics of common interest. In addition, there is continuous collaboration on specific issues.

Public Procurement Network - PPN

The Competition and Consumer Authority has taken the initiative to establish a network among a broad circle of European countries, the so-called Public Procurement Network. The network aims to strengthen the application and enforcement of procurement rules through mutual exchange of experience and informal collaboration, including problem-solving in cross-border cases related to public procurement. The network meets 4-5 times a year.


The Competition and Consumer Authority monitors the negotiations on the WTO procurement agreement and the bilateral agreements.