New guidance on documentation for tenders

The Competition and Consumer Authority is now issuing an expanded guidance on ESDP which also examines questions on the documentation of information provided in the ESPD and guidance on the use of e-Certis.

The guide "ESPD - Documentation and e-Certis" describes in words and pictures how a procuring entity should create an ESPD and how applicants and tenderers should fill out an ESPD in the European Commission’s ESPD service.

A new element is that the guide considers the final documentation which procuring entities must require for the information in an ESPD, when this documentation must be submitted, and deadlines and term of validity of the documentation.

The guide also contains a detailed manual showing how the European Commission's online database e-Certis works. Both procuring entities and companies may use e-Certis to verify documentation from other EU Member States.

The guide "ESPD - Documentation and e-Certis" is 74 pages long. It can be used by both procuring entities and applicants and tenderers when they need to create and fill out an ESPD and when documentation must subsequently be provided for the information.

In the memorandum "Review of the rules on documentation", the Competition and Consumer Authority provides a detailed legal review of the rules in the Danish Public Procurement Act regarding documentation. The memorandum is 51 pages long and contains a detailed description of the rules with particular focus on the issues relating to obtaining documentation for the information in the ESPD. This can be viewed as a supplement to the guide’s Chapter 4 on documentation.

Download the memorandum "Review of the rules on documentation” (in Danish)

The guidance on ESDP and the memorandum is only available in Danish