The Competition Council intervenes in Rema 1000's purchase of Aldi

The Competition Council has approved Rema 1000's acquisition of 114 Aldi stores. In order to obtain the approval, Rema 1000 has committed to divest a limited number of stores. This ensures that the merger does not harm competition locally.

Christian Schultz, Chairman of the Competition Council, said:

The intervention means that Rema 1000 will continue to have a significant competitor in all the local areas where the concentration has an effect. This means that customers will still have access to actual alternatives to Rema 1000.

The Competition Council has approved that Rema 1000 Danmark A/S acquires 114 stores, seven store projects, three distribution centers, five properties, employees and operational inventory from Aldi Danmark ApS. The approval is granted after Rema 1000 has committed to divest a number of stores.

The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority (DCCA) has had concerns about whether the merger could harm competition in the market for retail sale of daily consumer goods locally. Rema 1000's commitment to divest a number of stores removes the DCCA’s concerns, and therefore the Competition Council approved the merger subject to the commitments offered by Rema 1000.

The DCCA is currently investigating a merger in which Salling Group acquires 13 Aldi stores (seven open and six closed) as well as eight Aldi store projects.

Read the decision here (in Danish)