Danish Competition And Consumer Authority

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Here, you can subscribe to and unsubscribe from various news from the authority. You can also sign up for news from the Consumer Ombudsman, the European Consumer Centre and the public consumer portal Forbrug.dk

Press releases from the Competition and Consumer Authority

Press releases regarding the Competition Council’s decisions as well as articles, analyses etc. Only available in Danish.

Other news from the Competition and Consumer Authority

News and announcements on merger registrations, guidelines etc. for those working professionally in the field. Only available in Danish.

News on tenders

Newsletter covering instructions from the Competition and Consumer Authority, new rules in the area, and news about procurement. The newsletter is aimed at procuring entities and other tender practitioners. Only available in Danish.

News concerning the water sector

The newsletter comprises information from the Danish Water Regulatory Authority to water companies and other interested parties regarding the price regulation of the water sector. Only available in Danish.

News from the public consumer portal Forbrug.dk

Forbrug.dk regularly distributes press releases and newsletters regarding the decisions of the Consumer Complaints Board, current topics in the media, tips for consumers, etc. It is possible to sign up for news and press releases on forbrug.dk


Consumer Europe

Consumer Europe is the Danish centre in a European network of consumer centres which help consumers with cross-border purchases in the EU. Consumer Europe publishes newsletters and press releases on current issues. The Competition and Consumer Authority is the secretariat for Consumer Europe.


The Consumer Ombudsman

Among other things, the Consumer Ombudsman supervises corporate compliance with marketing rules and regularly publishes press releases concerning matters within this context. The Competition and Consumer Authority acts as the secretariat for the Consumer Ombudsman.