Consumer Regulation

The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority (DCCA) is responsible for a number of laws in the consumer field, including the Danish Marketing Practices Act and the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund Act. Here, you can find the laws for which the authority is responsible.

The DCCA is responsible for the Danish Marketing Practices Act, the Danish E-commerce Act, the Danish Injunction Act and the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund Act. In addition, there are a number of laws of major importance for consumers for which the Danish Ministry of Justice is responsible. This applies to the Danish Sale of Goods Act, the Danish Contracts Act, the Danish Credit Contracts Act and the Danish Consumer Contracts Act.

Most legislative changes in the consumer field derive from EU regulations. However, the need for amendments to existing legislation or for drafting new legislation also arises from domestic political considerations. In this respect, the DCCA is responsible for preparing new bills and proposed amendments to existing Danish regulation. Any proposal for new legislation is submitted to a wide range of stakeholders for consultation before it is presented in the Parliament.