Consumer Advice and Complaints

The Competition and Consumer Authority runs the public consumer portal that provides advice and guidance to consumers and companies on consumer law issues.

Besides running, the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority also act as secretariat for a number of authorities.

  • The Danish Consumer Ombudsman is an independent authority ensuring that businesses and enterprises comply with the Danish Marketing Act and other consumer protective regulation.
  • The European Consumer Centre Denmark provides advice for consumers regarding purchases in other EU-countries. The ECC Denmark is member of the European Consumer Centres Network and is funded by the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority and the EU Commission.
  • The Danish Energy Supplies Complaint Board is a private complaints board investigating complaints regarding purchases and delivery of energy services to consumers. (only in danish).
  • The Danish Natural Hazards Council is an independent council who handles cases concerning three types of natural catastrophes: storm surge, flooding from waterways and lakes and windfall.

The Danish Consumer Complaints Act is no longer under administration of the Competition and Consumer Authority but that of the House of Committees in Viborg.



The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority runs – a gathering site for public consumer information. On the site, consumers as well as businesses can find advice and guidance on Danish consumer rights, read practices from the Danish Consumer Complaints Board, and find out how to file a complaint.

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Nævnenes Hus

The Danish Dispute Resolution Centre and the Danish Consumer Complaints Board are situated within the House of Committees (Nævnenes Hus) and consider complaints from private consumers related to goods, work and services purchases from traders.
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