About us

Strategy and Values

Our strategy work as a framework for what we do and are transformed into concrete yearly goals for the entire authority and its individual divisions.


Our work is based on the following strategic focus areas: 

  • Efficient and modern authority
  • Enhanced policy development
  • High degree of professionalism
  • Well-functioning interaction with the outside world

Mission: Well-functioning markets

The Competition and Consumer Authority's mission is to create better-functioning markets in Denmark.

In a well-functioning market, companies compete effectively with each other, for both private and public contracts, while consumers make informed choices and are active in the market.

Vision: Growth and high consumer welfare

The Competition and Consumer Authority's vision is strong and sustainable growth and high consumer welfare in Denmark.

First and foremost, growth in productivity and income is about creating more value with the resources we have, i.a. through effective competition.

High consumer welfare means that consumers experience joy and satisfaction from the goods and services they buy. Consumers can navigate the market easily and confidently, understanding the services they pay for.

Good conditions for growth and high consumer welfare require markets to be well-functioning.


Press Contact

For press related inquiries, please contact Head of Communications, Hanne Arentoft: phone +45 4171 5098