DCCA online

House rules for user generated content

The DCCA does not systematically monitor comments or posts, but reserves the right to delete posts or comments without notice, if they should exceed the following ground rules:

  • if posts and comments are not directly related to the subject matter, or in other ways appear unserious
  • they are offensive or in other way go against public order
  • they contain defamation, are racial or insulting individuals or businesses
  • they are infringing copyright ownership
  • they are promoting commercial interests or contain spam
  • posts or comments estimated to be a personal attack on other users or employees can also be deleted
  • please note that you are personally responsible for the content of the posts or comments you write on our sites and what you write is accessible to the public

The DCCA are not to be held responsible for actions or omissions appearing as a consequence of users following advice given on our online channels.

Users acknowledge by participation on kfst.dk that the DCCA gain the right to use uploaded material in their work.