The Competition Council intervenes in Salling Group A/S’ acquisition of a number of Aldi stores

The Competition Council has intervened in Salling Groups A/S’ acquisition of a number of Aldi stores and approved the merger with commitments. This ensures that the merger does not harm competition locally.

The Competition Council has approved that Salling Group A/S acquires 13 Aldi stores and 8 of Aldi’s store projects.

The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority (DCCA) had concerns about whether the merger would significantly harm competition in the market for retail sale of daily consumer goods locally.

Salling Group A/S has committed to divest a store in Rødbyhavn and sublease a store in Stubbekøbing to one or more competitors. The commitment removes the DCCA’s competitive concerns, and therefore the Competition Council approved the merger subject to the commitments offered by Salling Group A/S.

Salling Group A/S already entered into agreements for the sale and sublease of the two stores, and the Competition Council has approved that Lidl is a suitable buyer of the store in Rødbyhavn, while Dagrofa is suitable to sublet the store in Stubbekøbing for the next six years.

Read the decision here (in Danish)