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  • vision - mission

    Mission and vision

Mission and vision

14. august 2013
On a well-functioning market, businesses compete efficiently on all parameters. Well-functioning markets support high consumer welfare.
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    • Price competition between hotel-booking portals

      11. juli 2016

      The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority (DCCA) has made a random survey of the prices offered on the three large reservation platforms, booking.com, hotels.com and hrs.com. The survey shows that the narrow parity clause implemented in the agreements between the reservation platforms and the hotels, including hotels in Denmark, about a year ago seems to have had an effect.

    • The Competition Council: Tighten up regulation for public players on commercial markets

      26. maj 2016

      The Danish Competition Council publishes recommendations on how to avoid public commercial activities distorting competition with private businesses on commercial markets.

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