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  • vision - mission

    Mission and vision

Mission and vision

14. august 2013
On a well-functioning market, businesses compete efficiently on all parameters. Well-functioning markets support high consumer welfare.
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    • Danish Agro guarantees equal terms of procurement for competitors

      24. juni 2015

      Today, the Danish Competition Council has approved the acquisition of DLA Agro a.m.b.a. by Danish Agro a.m.b.a. DLA handles the procurement of feed ingredients, fertilizer and pesticides etc. for a range of suppliers of agricultural inputs. The approval is conditional on four commitments made by Danish Agro.

    • Danish Competition Council approves TV merger

      27. maj 2015

      Discovery will purchase Nordic Television AB, the owner of Canal 8 Sport and Canal 9. The Competition Council has approved the merger effective today.

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