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Price competition between hotel-booking portals

11. juli 2016

The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority (DCCA) has made a random survey of the prices offered on the three large reservation platforms, booking.com, hotels.com and hrs.com. The survey shows that the narrow parity clause implemented in the agreements between the reservation platforms and the hotels, including hotels in Denmark, about a year ago seems to have had an effect.

The implementation of the narrow parity clause caused the DCCA to stop further investigations and to join the standstill period agreed between the European Commission and the national competition authorities.

Instead it was decided to make a random survey to see if the changed parity clause has had any effect at all. During a period of two months, the DCCA has carried out the survey through daily netscraping from the sites of the three platforms, collecting prices of a specific type of room at 12 different hotels.

The result of this netscraping survey shows that four hotels charge the same price on all three platforms, two hotels have almost the same price, but the remaining 6 hotels have different prices on one or more platforms during most of the period.

Read the survey (pdf)

Last updated: 11. juli 2016