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International conference focuses on effective competition and active consumers

08. marts 2012

The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority hosts "The European Competition and Consumer Day 2012" today. Decision-makers and experts from across Europe will discuss how stronger competition and active consumer behaviour can strengthen growth in Europe.

The Danish Minister of Business and Growth, Ole Sohn, European Commissioner for Competition, Joaquín Almunia, and European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, John Dalli, will give the key note speeches at the conference.

Deputy Chief Economist at OECD, Jørgen Elmeskov, will give a presentation on the regulatory barriers to competition. Chairman of the Office of Fair Trading, Philip Collins, will present the UK experiences of sanctioning breaches of the competition rules.

Director General of the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority, Agnete Gersing, says:

"We have managed to bring together the most important European decision-makers and a number of prominent international experts on competition and consumer behavior. Competition is a key driver of economic growth and consumer welfare. It is my hope that the conference will provide inspiration on how we can spur growth and new opportunities for consumers in Denmark and Europe by strengthening competition and making consumers more active."

The conference will be attended by 250 people from 30 different countries.

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For further information, please contact the communications secretariat of the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority, + 45 41 71 50 98.