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New authority benefits consumers and competition

19. august 2010

The merger of the Danish Competition Authority and the Danish Consumer Agency will strengthen both areas for current and future tasks

On August 19, 2010 the Danish Competition Authority and the Danish Consumer Agency merged into the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority.

The areas of competition regulation and consumer regulation are closely connected. Competition in a market is dependent on active and informed consumers. If a market suffers from lack of competition, consumer policy may be part of the solution. On the other hand efficient competition benefits the consumers, as it leads to lower prices and a wider selection of products.

The two authorities have already been working closely together on several occasions. The most recent example being the joint publication “Competition Culture” published in January 2010.

Director General of the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority, Agnete Gersing, says:

“The merger will benefit both consumers and competition. It makes perfect sense to merge these two authorities.”

“Competition provides lower prices and a wider selection. This benefits consumers. Active and informed consumers sharpens the competition. The two areas are interconnected.

“I am certain, that the merger will strengthen our organisation, to the benefit of consumers and competition alike.“

“Both authorities have a lot of resourceful employees. I look forward to gather that strength, which will give us the ability to create even better conditions for consumers and competition. It will be an exciting task.”

For further information please contact Head of Press relations, Hanne Arentoft, +45 7226 8020.