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High Court judgment relating to environmental laboratories

25. marts 2011

On 25 March 2011 the Danish City Court in Glostrup passed sentence upon two environmental laboratories and their respective directors for infringing section 6 of the Danish Competition Act by co-ordinating their bids on two environmental centers supply of laboratory analyzes.

The laboratories were each fined DKK 500,000 and the directors were each fined DKK 25,000.The Public prosecutor got permission from the Authorization Process Board to appeal the judgment from the city court for an aggravation of sentence. The defendant companies and individuals also appealed seeking acquittal or, alternatively, reduced sentences.On 4 April 2012 High Court confirmed the sentence from the City Court and stated that all defendants deliberately made an agreement which violated section 6 of the Danish Competition Act.

With regard to the penalty High Court stated that the fines are - particularly with regard to the seriousness and duration of the infringement - set appropriately.

Thus, High Court upheld the judgment from the city court in terms of both guilt and sentence.