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Elsam A/S is obliged to sell off 5 decentral power plants

01. november 2006


On 1 November 2006 the Danish Competition Appeal Tribunal concluded that Elsam A/S is obliged to sell off the decentral power plants situated in Hanstholm, Nibe, Ringkøbing, Skjern and Nordborg.

The Competition Appeal Tribunal thereby confirmed the Danish Competition Au-thority decision from July 2006 whereby the DCA ordered Elsam to sell off the 5 decentral power plants in accordance with the commitments submitted by Elsam in connection with the Elsam-NESA merger in 2004.

The DCA´s order was issued in consequence of Elsam´s reluctance to sell off the power plants because Elsam found the possible price too low. It is specifically stated in the commitments that there is no minimum price.

The Competition Appeal Tribunal concluded that the original conditions of the commitments had not been materially changed, that Elsam was still obliged to comply with the commitments, and that the order issued by the DCA was proportionate.