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Danish Competition Council approves TV merger

27. maj 2015

Discovery will purchase Nordic Television AB, the owner of Canal 8 Sport and Canal 9. The Competition Council has approved the merger effective today.

Deputy Director General of the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority, Carsten Schmidt, states:

”It is our assessment that the level of competition on the TV-market, in general, is not ideal - as it is characterized by few, strong players. The merger does not change that, however, since we have assessed that Nordic Television would cease to exist as an independent player on the market, whether the merger was approved or not."

”It has been of vital importance for the Competition Council’s approval that Discovery purchases two channel spots, which do not contain any important broadcasting rights. Our investigations do not give us any reason to believe that the merger will lead to higher prices on TV, compared to the situation without the merger.”

Discovery is the third largest player on the TV market in Denmark, and already owns 12 TV channels, including Kanal 4, Kanal 5, 6’eren and Eurosport 1 and 2. The company holds, among others, the right to broad-cast football matches from the English Premier League and has recently acquired a package with Danish Superliga matches for the coming six seasons.

Nordic Television currently holds the rights to broadcast matches from the Superliga, La Liga, Serie A and Europa League, but all these rights expire by the end of June 2015.

It is the overall assessment of the Competition Council that the merger does not significantly impede the effective competition compared to the alternative. The Competition Council assesses that Nordic Television in all probability will close and exit the market if the merger is not implemented and that Discovery instead would place its newly purchased Superliga rights on its existing channels, on which Discovery would raise the prices.

On these grounds, the Danish Competition Council concludes that the merger does not significantly impede effective competition on the relevant markets.

For more information, contact the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority’s Communication Division at Tel. +45 41 71 50 98.

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Last updated: 27. maj 2015