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Approval of Triton’s acquisition of Scandinavian Business Seating Holding AS, cf. Section 12c(2) of the Competition Act

25. september 2014

On 11th September 2014, the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority (“the Authority”) received a full notification of a proposed merger pursuant to Section 12b(1) of the Competition Act by which the undertaking Spinnaker Norway AcquiCo AS, which is ultimately controlled by funds managed by Triton (“Triton Funds” or “the notifying party”), acquires sole control of Scandinavian Business Seating Holding AS and its subsidiaries (“SBS”).

According to Section 12h(5) of the Competition Act the time-limits in Section 12d(1) will begin to run from the weekday on which the Authority have received a complete notification together with documentation of the payment of the notification fee. The time-limits began to run on 15th September 2014.

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Last updated: 25. september 2014