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Anti-Competitive Decisions in the Collegiate Rules of Foreningen Danske Revisorer

20. februar 2013

On February 20, 2013, the Danish Competition Council settled a case concerning two anti-competitive decisions in the collegiate rules of a minor association of Danish accountants.

According to the rules in question, the members of the association were not allowed

  • to gain other members’ customers by offering their services at fees, which are lower than their normal fees, and
  • to take over customers from sick or deceased members without special permission from the association or the estate.

Rather late in the progress of the case, the association decided to change the rules. But for principle and preventive reasons, the Danish Competition Authority still found it necessary to intervene.

The Competition Council stated that the rules had constituted a violation of the prohibition against anti-competitive agreements in Section 6 of the Danish Competition Act and ordered the association to abstain from readopting or enforcing rules with the same or similar purpose or effect as the two rules in question.

For further information please contact Mia Anne Gantzhorn (+45 4171 5213, mag@kfst.dk) or Karen Berg (+45 4171 5142, kb@kfst.dk).