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Denmark obtains commitments from the Danish Textile Services Association

25. november 2009

On 25th November 2009 the Danish Competition Council decided to adopt a commitment decision, cf. section 16 a of the Danish Competition Act, to prevent exchange of information by an association of undertakings, which might restrict competition on the market for textile services.

The case concerned a cost index, published by the Danish Textile Services Association (DTS) for the use of undertakings on the textile services market. In addition the DTS had established a cost index committee, where the members of the association met and discussed the weighting of the individual types of costs.

DTS has 25 members covering more than 90 percent of the market, and the Competition Council found that the active involvement of the association and its members in the calculation of the index was likely to uniform prices and restrict competition on the textile services market.

According to DTS’s commitments, DTS and its members will immediately abstain from any direct or indirect involvement in the preparation and publication of future cost indexes.