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The Minister for the Environment answers the request from the Danish Competition Council concerning the price fixing of the National Survey and Cadastre

31. januar 2007

4/0120-0600-0005/FI/MKJ The Council Meeting 31 January 2007

In June 2006 the Danish Competition Council (DCC) sent a series of recommendations to the Danish Ministry of the Environment and to the Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs concerning the price fixing of the National Survey and Cadas-tre (in Danish ‘Kort- og Matrikelstyrelsen’ – hereafter ‘KMS’). In December 2006 the Minister for the Environment answered the request from the DCC.

The Minister announces a number of follow-ups relating to each of the recommendations. However, the DCC finds it uncertain to what extent these follow-ups will solve the competition concerns caused by KMS’ existing price fixing.

In addition to this, the Minister defers the discussion concerning a different price fixing of the coming co-operation between KMS and the National Association of Local Authorities in Denmark (in Danish: ‘Kommunernes Landsforening’), because a business model for this co-operation is not finished, yet. However, the Min-ister states that the final business model will be in agreement with the competition rules as well as the procurement rules.

The DCC decided to publish the Minister’s answer and the DCC’s assessment on the Danish Competition Authority website – www.ks.dk/ (both in Danish and Eng-lish) and to forward the assessment to the Minister for the Environment and the complainants as well.