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Publishers right to fix book prices considerably reduced

29. marts 2006

4/0120-0301-00187FI//PR The Council meeting 29st March 2006

On 29 March 2006 the Danish Competition Council adopted a decision whereby the current exemption for the Danish book publishers to fix the resale price was reduced considerably.

Until now, the exemption has given the publishers the right to fix the resale prices on all new books in the Danish language within the year of publishing and the succeeding year.

Fixed book prices have existed in Denmark for more than 150 years. Since 1955 fixed book prices have been covered by an exemption from competition law. Since 2001 the publishers solely have had the right to fix the book prices, though, without having had an obligation to do so.

From 1 July publishers may fix the resale prices only for 10 % of their new Danish publications. The prices can be fixed for the year of publication and for the 5 succeeding months of the following year. Last but not least, a publisher has to revoke a fixed price from the very moment the book in question is published in a special book club edition.