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Merger between Ementor A/S and Atea Holding AB

29. august 2006


The Danish Competition Authority (DCA) has approved a merger between Ementor ASA and Atea Holding AB. Ementor will take over 100 percent of the shares in Atea, previously owned by 3i-gruppen, WM-data AB and ”Man-agement”.

Ementor and Atea are both active within the IT-sector, primarily through resale of IT-products to commercial end-users. Both parties have subsidiary companies in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. In Denmark, Ementor - among others things – carry on its activities through Topnordic A/S. The merger has also been notified to the competition authorities in Sweden and Norway, where it has been approved.

Both parties are active within sales of IT-products (hardware, software and ser-vices) to commercial end-users. The merger will make Ementor the largest dealer of IT-products in Denmark –especially in the hardware market - significantly larger than the second largest. However, it is the assessment of the DCA that the merger will not significantly impede effective competition in the IT-market.

This assessment is based on the fact that a number of other dealers and other types of suppliers to supply the same products as Ementor, and to the same clientele. Be-sides dealers, a number of producers – Dell for instance – has successfully estab-lished direct sales to large end-users, while smaller end-user can buy IT-products at retail shops. Therefore, IT-dealers face competition from several types of suppliers.

Furthermore, the market is not characterized by significant barriers to entry, amongst other things due to the non-existence of exclusive agreements between producers, dealers and end-users.

Based on the above, the DCA has approved the merger, cf. section 12c (2) i) of the Danish Competition Act.