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Decision by association of undertakings - De Samvirkende Købmænd

25. maj 2005

Journal nr. 3/1120-0204-0207/FAB/ISA The Council meeting 25th May 2005

On 25th May 2005 the Danish Competition Council adopted a decision concerning De Samvirkende Købmænd - an association of grocers.

The decision was based on an investigation made by the Danish Competition Authority in January and February 2005 concerning fees on the Danish payment card named Dankort.

During this investigation the Competition Authority discovered that De Samvirkende Købmænd - in member-magazines etc. - encouraged its members to collect the maximum legal fee (DKK 0.50) on the Dankort.

On this basis the Competition Authority submitted the case to the Competition Council.

The Competition Council concluded that the relevant product markets were the market of Dankort and the retail market of commodity and convenience goods. These markets were national.

Further, the Competition Council - in summary - concluded that De Samvirkende Købmænd’ declarations to members of the association in member-magazines etc. constituted a decision by association of undertakings, which had as object the preention of competition on the relevant markets.

Therefore, De Samvirkende Købmænd infringed the Danish Competition Act.